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delivering outstanding business results

to deliver outstanding business results

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Small business with huge purpose

Our work is our life,  its not a 9-5 job. We are on a constant journey to achieve impact, always looking for business opportunities that will be beneficial to the world around us.

Hands on experience - not just theory.

Hands on experience – not just theory

What we know is far beyond what we’ve learnt from books. True expertise comes from combing superb education with doing the actual work –  this is exactly what we bring on board..

friendly, approachable and down-to-earth

Friendly, approachable and down-to-earth

We will not overwhelm you with complex concepts, difficult terminologies or undecipherable jargon. We will not recite whole chapters of clever books we’ve read.

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our story

You’ve probably came across a lot of various consultants throughout your life.


How many of them truly cared about doing something good, fulfilling social needs, addressing environmental problems, changing the world?


Not a lot? We realised that too….


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Our aim is to create opportunities to drive positive change in the world through business. Doing well by doing good is the way forward – being merely financially profitable is no longer the factor guaranteeing sustainable success and long-term prosperity.


The development of sustainable and reliable supplier base can be a lengthy and daunting task. We help companies overcome the stresses of finding the right vendors. Having sourced thousands of products across many categories, our sourcing experts will assist you with building a sourcing strategy, find suitable suppliers, negotiate best deals and make sure your products are delivered on time.


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Category Development

We can help you put together a growth strategy that will take you far ahead of the competition. We  perform thorough research and provide in-depth insights – enabling our clients to become thought leaders within their industries. Strategies developed with The Efficienist’s team are unique – they’re not only future-focussed, embracing upcoming trends and influences, but also include shared value creation opportunities.


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Margin Enhancement

Our approach to increasing margins and reducing costs is unique. It’s not about redundancies, putting prices up or compromising on quality. It’s about looking deep within business to eliminate inefficiencies, improving partnerships with suppliers, reducing the negative impact on people and the environment. It is about creating shared value for everyone your business interacts with. 


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Coaching is a proven method for assisting business leaders and their teams in exploring and achieving  their ambitions, significantly increasing performance and general “happiness” in the workplace. Our highly trained coach works with organisations and individuals to help them find and implement suitable solutions, using most dynamic and tested techniques for personal development. It brings concrete results by adjusting behaviours. 


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Ever wished you had more control over your professional or personal life? We, at The Efficienist, believe that you are in charge of your mind, and therefore your life. Our NLP Practitioner helps our clients  bring about lasting and constructive change to become more successful, effective and happier individuals . Rather than focussing on the problem, we identify the desired outcomes and implement specific NLP strategies to achieve them. 


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Corporate Training

Education in a workplace is a major factor behind the growth of any business. Organisations not incorporating learning in their Human Resources strategies often stay behind the competition and suffer with demotivated, underdeveloped teams. We believe in the power of knowledge therefore help business clients develop by identifying their learning needs and designing tailored training programmes. 


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Case Studies


Who is behind The Efficienist?

Magdalena Orzechowska

magda orzechowska / founder

At the helm of the Efficienist, leader in and a fervent supporter of the shared value creation; Magda carries over 10 years of experience under her belt, assisting major European and Middle Eastern companies in developing:


  • Margin enhancement plans
  • Efficiency strategies
  • Cost reduction programmes
  • Value chain analysis
  • Direct sourcing strategies
  • Market and category development plans


Magda has managed and implemented a number of complex projects to improve profitability and eliminate business inefficiencies, which resulted in millions in savings for the companies she worked with. Outstanding financial results have always been the priority however, for Magda, equally important is doing good, doing the right thing, She truly believes that businesses can prosper and be a significant force for good – this is the driver behind all her work.


Taken from the passion of its founder, The Efficienist’s vision is to improve the lives of people and the condition of the planet, through business.


Following her true calling, Magdalena founded The Efficienist to make the best use of her knowledge and experience and create opportunities for the private sector to address societal and environmental issues more easily, in parallel increasing profits, reducing costs, improving efficiency and gaining competitive advantage.

agnieszka piatkowska at the efficienist

agnieszka piatkowska / lead consultant

Under the umbrella of The Efficienist, Agnieszka, with her extensive expertise in sustainable business growth and development, is irreplaceable when it comes to maximising business opportunities. She specialises in:


  • Strategic planning
  • Market analysis and development
  • Customer relationship management
  • Marketing and promotion planning
  • Project management
  • Program coordination


Agnieszka is also a certified NLP and Life Coach by RSCI Institute, accredited by COMENSA and FNLPCP (Federation of Neuro Linguistic Programming Coaching Professionals). Her burning desire is to help business leaders and their teams to grow, discover their talents and realise their full potentials.


Being passionate about social and environmental responsibility issues, her effective and well implemented coaching, mentoring and training plans add significant value to bottom lines and create stronger business overall.


As an experienced Coach, Agnieszka is someone who can actually affect the world around, help people heal, grow, let go of burdens of the past, change limiting beliefs, break old habits and adopt new ones, change their perception and become whole again – undeniable benefits in any business environment, creating shared value on many levels.