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Category Development

Market and Category DevelopmentHaving spent years on-the-ground, we’ve witnessed many category managers, retail buyers and procurement teams simply managing their product categories but not growing them.


To help you develop the entire product areas and take the category expert position within the industry, we have devised a future focused category development process.


Our method works because we combine the in-depth analysis of category performance and challenges with the following aspects:

  • industry trends and best practice
  • consumer preferences and behaviour
  • innovation research
  • competition analysis
  • research of external market factors


Benefits of developing a category with The Efficienist team:

  • in-depth category understanding: market, customer, competition, innovation, trends, current performance, inefficiencies, challenges and gaps
  • new category vision and strategy – embracing future trends and influences
  • prioritised opportunities and detailed action plan
  • tangible and intangible benefits forecast
  • clear responsibilities within teams
  • unified direction and cross-functional team engagement
  • clear understanding of opportunities and gaps


The benefits stretch far beyond the effective category development. Having a shared vision and access to relevant knowledge boosts confidence, empowers people to act and be more proactive – because they can back up their actions with the reliable research and analysis.


Armed with such a powerful resource your business will have a major advantage over competition.