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NLP - Neuro Linguistic ProgrammingWe, at The Efficienist, live and work in our own model of the world – the world of the infinite potential, where we can achieve and become anything that we want. Operating as such, our clients will be able to achieve whatever they want and become whoever they want to be as well.


Once you understand the science of change and speak the language of its mind, you will be able to help yourself, your colleagues, business partners and other stakeholders change easily and quickly, in order to align with a new business model, values, goals or strategies. Such alignments is key to high business performance and successful working relationships.


Benefits :


  • Understand the philosophy and application of NLP in the context of business, relationships and personal development
  • Understand how your mind works and how to speak its language. This will empower you to make just about any change in your current conditioning (get rid of unwanted habits, install new behaviors, stop self-sabotage, etc…)
  • Understand how to get a greater control over your thought processes and feelings
  • Get rid of any internal conflicts and achieve absolute congruency within yourself
  • Gain clarity of mind
  • Truly understand empowerment




  • Elicitation of your Driving Question
  • Rapport
  • Milton Model Learning
  • Metaphors Learning
  • Swish Pattern
  • Anchoring
  • Parts Integration