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Our Story

Magda and AdiniszkaYou’ve probably came across a lot of various consultants throughout your life. How many of them truly cared about doing something good, fulfilling social needs, addressing environmental problems, changing the world?


Not a lot? We realised that too….


We decided to break away from the countless hordes of consultants who want to help you in one way or another, collect their fees and move on to a next project.


We have a greater, more meaningful purpose. Our primary aim is to give back to the world and create shared value for the communities and businesses we come in contact with. By giving back we mean sharing our knowledge and passion for making the world a better place. Although these are very big and powerful words – individual business efforts, collectively, can deliver vast amounts of value and positively impact the communities and the environment the organisations operate in.


We create opportunities that will allow your business commit more easily to society oriented initiatives, in parallel increasing your own efficiency, reducing costs, improving profits and gaining competitive advantage. We find ways to combine doing good with doing well in business. We create shared value.