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Global Sourcing - strategy and implementationWe have sourced thousands of products across many categories over the last decade. Having visited numerous factories around the world, we acquired a very good understanding of the global manufacturing scene. We have great working relationships with producers across many countries, in particular in Europe.


We believe in responsible sourcing and creating long-lasting relationships, beneficial to both sides. We see it as a partnership rather than a traditional buyer-supplier relation. Such approach significantly helps to achieve continuous supply, cost control, supplier engagement and better communication.


The development of sustainable and reliable supplier base can be a lengthy and daunting task. We help companies overcome the stresses of finding the right sources for their products:


  • Market research – where to find product sources globally
  • Supplier identification, assessment and pre-selection
  • Quote gathering and comparison
  • Negotiations for the best possible cost prices and commercial terms
  • Overseeing production to ensure the brief is strictly followed in terms of specifications and quality
  • Working with key suppliers to eliminate any production and operational inefficiencies in order to minimise costs
  • Building relationships with key suppliers to ensure new products and technologies are communicated
  • Cost effective logistics solution
  • Risk assessment and mitigation to avoid project delays


We guarantee the full cost transparency of every element within the sourcing process, You will know exactly what the deal is. Effectively, you will enjoy the benefits of buying directly from the manufacturers or trading houses, know who they are and where they’re based, have clarity on product prices, shipping costs and any other expenditures involved before your products reach you.